Pistachio Butter
Pistachio Butter from $27.99
Experience the incredible taste of pistachios in a wonderful way that satisfies your soul. Made entirely from pure pistachios with just a dash of salt, you get the luxurious taste of this supernut once reserved for royalty. Top over vanilla ice cream, sliced bananas, or use it to thicken your cake frosting and pasta sauces. But let’s be real, it's a flavour so mouth-watering you’ll probably devour this in one go! Ingredients:  Pistachio nuts, Sea salt. 240g (0.53lbs)
Pecan Spread
Pecan Spread from $19.99
Enjoy the warm and comforting taste of pecan pie without having to wait for Autumn or a special occasion. Made only with two ingredients - pecans and dates, this mouthwatering spread can make for a guilt-free dessert. Enjoy it by the spoon for a post-lunch snack or work it into a cookie recipe and watch your guests light up in delight!   Ingredients:  Pecans, Organic date powder 240g (0.53lbs)
Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
Hazelnut Chocolate Spread from $19.99
Hazelnut lovers with a little more of a sweet tooth -  it's time to meet a delicious new concoction! Made with organic chocolate and hazelnuts, this vegan, palm oil-free spread is meant to leave a guilt-free, satisfied smile lingering across your face! Spread it on your toast, layer it in your cake, or top it over ice cream to add that scrumptious touch of chocolate you were missing. Ingredients:  Hazelnuts, Organic vegan chocolate (organic cane sugar, organic cocoa mass and organic cocoa butter). 240g (0.53lbs)
Macadamia Butter
Macadamia Butter $24.99
Indulge in the decadence of macadamia nuts in a delightful new way. Made from nothing but macadamia nuts with a pinch of salt, every spoonful is a truly exquisite experience. Enjoy its creamy, buttery flavour topped over freshly baked cookies, in a salad dressing, or guilt-free by the spoon! Ingredients:  Macadamia nuts, Sea salt. 240g (0.53lbs)
Variety Pack
Variety Pack $49.99
Prepare your palate for a rollercoaster of emotion with six 110g taste-testing jars of each of our original nut butters. Contains: Pistachio butter, Macadamia Butter, Cashew Acai Spread, Hazelnut Cocoa Spread,  Almond Butter, and Golden Spread From exotic to sweet and slightly salty, get ready to go nuts! 
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Hazelnut Cocoa Spread
Hazelnut Cocoa Spread $19.99
Take the guilt out of your guilty pleasure with this palm-oil-free hazelnut spread. Made with hazelnuts, cashews, cocoa butter, and sweetened only with dates, this scrumptious butter pairs perfectly with your pancakes, apple slices, or as its very own dessert. Our go-to for cocoholics looking to avoid that high sugar intake! Ingredients:  Hazelnuts, Cashews, Cocoa butter, Organic date powder. 240g (0.53lbs)
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Cashew Açai Spread
Cashew Açai Spread $19.99
Meet a bestie you can jumpstart your mornings with who’s also down to kick it with you Netflix-style at night. An incredible blend of açai berries, cashews, coconut oil, and unrefined cane sugar, this spread is beautifully pink with zero artificial colouring. The perfect pick-me-up for drizzling on your crepes, fruit bowls, or to energize your post-workout smoothies. Slightly sweet and totally delightful, one spoonful of this high-performance butter is never quite enough!   Ingredients:  Cashews, Coconut oil, Organic cane sugar, Açaí berry powder. 240g (0.53lbs)
Marcona Almond Butter
Marcona Almond Butter $19.99
Almond lovers, level up! Made from Marcona almonds, the creme de la creme of Almonds along with just a pinch of salt, this premium almond butter delivers a delicate aroma and buttery flavour you can enjoy with both savoury and sweet dishes. Use this smooth spread as a salad dressing, serve with a cheese plate, or dollop it over your morning crepes to turn an ordinary dish into something truly extraordinary. Ingredients:  Marcona almonds, Sea salt. 240g (0.53lbs)
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Special Edition Pistachio Butter
Special Edition Pistachio Butter $34.99
 The One. So smooth, so green! This is as good as it gets in the world of pistachios. The taste is simply out of this world.   Made using the rarest of pistachios that we scoured the Earth to find. Additionally, we further innovated our production method to preserve the green colour and great taste without adding any extra ingredients. Our regular pistachio butter is amazing - but our special edition pistachio butter is the very pinnacle of pistachio quality.   This product is difficult to produce and is not regularly stocked. Ingredients:  100% Dry roasted Pistachio nuts. 240g (0.53lbs)
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Matcha Spread
Matcha Spread $19.99
It’s time to experience the alluring taste of matcha beyond tea lattes. Made with cashews, coconut oil, dates and fresh Japanese matcha, this brilliantly green spread delivers the earthy yet sweet flavour of matcha. Drizzle it over waffles or granola or enjoy it by the spoon. However you take it, its lingering sweet aftertaste will have you coming back for another round. Ingredients:  Cashews, Coconut oil, Organic date powder, Organic matcha green tea. 240g (0.53lbs)
Golden Spread
Golden Spread $19.99
Exotic, zesty, with a taste as vibrant as its colour, trust our most versatile spread to take you on a surprising adventure. Made with cashews, turmeric, coconut oil, mild spices, and sweetened with dates, expect a potent flavour that leaves you with a pleasant tingle. Use this secret weapon to lively up your curries and soups, or drizzle over fruit plates. The possibilities are endless - just choose your destination! Ingredients:  Cashews, Coconut oil, Organic date powder, Turmeric, spices. 240g (0.53lbs)
10 Jar Gift Box
10 Jar Gift Box $79.99
Prepare your palate for a rollercoaster of emotions with 10 flavours of our nut butters and spreads.  From exotic to sweet and slightly salty, get ready to go nuts!  Our Holiday Gift Box features ten beautiful 110g jars. Jars Included: Pistachio ButterHazelnut Chocolate SpreadPecan SpreadMacadamia SpreadCashew Açai SpreadMatcha SpreadMarcona Almond ButterAlmond ButterGolden SpreadHazelnut Cocoa Spread  This product ships for free!
Maple Pecans
Maple Pecans $13.99
Warm your heart with a Canadian classic. Our pecans are candied in pure maple syrup, with just a hint of salt, and no additional sugar. Enjoy all of the sweetness with a little less guilt! 227g (0.5lbs)
Pistachio Spread
Pistachio Spread $27.99
What happens when you take our beloved pistachio butter out for a date? Our pistachio spread begins with the sultry flavour of pistachio butter, adding a sweet touch of dates to create a royal epicurean treat. Enjoy it on your morning muffin, dinner desserts, or simply by the spoon - but be careful as you’ll soon find that one spoonful never seems to be enough! Ingredients:  Pistachio nuts, Organic date powder. 240g (0.53lbs)
Raw Macadamia
Raw Macadamia from $17.99
Here’s one for our fellow nut purists. Our macadamias are raw retaining all the essential nutrients and vitamins that these nuts contain. Experience a flavour so buttery and texture so crunchy that one handful alone will hardly be enough!

100% Plant based


Canadian made

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