Raw Macadamia
Raw Macadamia from $17.99
Here’s one for our fellow nut purists. Our macadamias are raw retaining all the essential nutrients and vitamins that these nuts contain. Experience a flavour so buttery and texture so crunchy that one handful alone will hardly be enough!
Raw Shelled Pistachios
Raw Shelled Pistachios from $13.99
Are you looking purely for pistachios? Our raw pistachios are just right for you - nothing but the highest quality nuts, unsalted and unfrosted. These raw nuts are perfect for cooking and baking, or to be eaten on their own. One taste of our premium pistachios will have you hooked and coming back for more!
Raw Brazil Nuts
Raw Brazil Nuts from $9.99
Originating from the verdant Amazon Rainforest, Brazil nuts are packed with selenium, fatty acids, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Our raw Brazil nuts are meticulously sourced to bring you nothing but the highest quality nuts. Whether eaten as a snack or used as a recipe ingredient, we are sure that you will be amazed by how fresh and tasty these Brazil nuts are!
Raw Walnuts
Raw Walnuts from $9.99
Walnuts are wonderful!  They are one of the most nutritious nuts out there, and are an excellent source of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins.   Our walnuts are raw, which preserves as much of their nutrition as possible.  Enjoy a snack that is both rich and sweet in taste, and great for your health.
Raw Cashews
Raw Cashews from $9.99
Dreaming of a creamy tasting nut?  Our raw cashews are an ideal treat, with no added oils, salts, or sugars.  Firm and flavourful, our cashews are sure to satisfy your cravings for a healthy snack!
Raw Almonds
Raw Almonds from $9.99
The highest quality almonds alone, with no added oils, no salt, no nonsense.  Our raw almonds are so satisfyingly rich and flavourful that they need nothing else to almost melt like butter in your mouth!   Our raw almonds are ready for eating right away, or for use as an ingredient in anything from salad and soups to pastry and dessert recipes. 

100% Plant based


Canadian made

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