Pistachio Butter

Product description

Experience the incredibly sweet and savoury sensation of pistachios in a wonderful way that satisfies your soul.

Made entirely from pure pistachios with just a dash of salt, you get the luxurious taste of this supernut once reserved for royalty.

Top over vanilla ice cream, sliced bananas, or use it to thicken your cake frosting and pasta sauces.

But let’s be real, it's a flavour so mouth-watering you’ll probably devour this in one go!

240g (0.53lbs)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
So yummy!!

Love this really taste like pistachios and perfect texture!!

The best one so far!

I am a fan of pistachio butter and as a Persian raised with pistachio I admit this product was so far the best butter I have ever tried. I will definitely buy again. Thanks

Ann T
The Best Nut Butter EVER!

I have tried a lot of nut butters over the years and this one is by far the most decadent and delicious! The smell that wafts out of the jar each time you open it is completely divine. The consistency is also perfect as it's neither too oily and runny nor so thick you cannot spread it. I will definitely be back for more jars.

Burnt Taste

I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch, but my jar tastes terrible. The colour is a very, very dark brown, and the butter tastes like the nuts have been burned. It's dry and chunky, and not at all spreadable. Disappointing, given that the macadamia nut butter I bought was delicious.

We are sorry you disliked the taste of our pistachio butter we'll contact you directly to resolve this issue.

Truly pistachio taste

This is the Heaven for pistachio lovers, the taste is divine!! I will definitely repurchase. Thank you NutJar for the excellent product quality and for the very attentive customer service.

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