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Maple Pecans Maple Pecans
Maple Pecans $13.99
Warm your heart with a Canadian classic. Our pecans are candied in pure maple syrup, with just a hint of salt, and no additional sugar. Enjoy all of the sweetness with a little less guilt! 227g (0.5lbs)
Chili Lime Pistachios Chili Lime Pistachios
Chili Lime Pistachios $13.99
Taste an adventure with all the flavours of our chilli lime pistachios. Tangy with a splash of lime, and fiery with a dash of cayenne pepper, these pistachios are sure to bedazzle and delight your senses! 227g (0.5lbs)
Roasted Hazelnuts Roasted Hazelnuts
Roasted Hazelnuts $9.99
Fragrant and flavourful, our hazelnuts come roasted and unsalted.  They make a fantastic ingredient for all your cooking and baking needs, or just eaten on their own as a healthy snack! 227g (0.5lbs)
Salt & Pepper Pistachios Salt & Pepper Pistachios
Salt & Pepper Pistachios $13.99
Looking for a healthy snack? These nuts are shelled and lightly tossed with salt and pepper, which brings out the subtle and rich flavours of the pistachios. Eat them on the go, or in the comfort of your home – but be warned! Once you start, you might not stop!  227g (0.5lbs)
Chilli Lime Almonds
Chilli Lime Almonds $11.99
Slake your appetites on a bite of our mouth-watering chilli lime almonds.  Set your mouth aflame with piquant cayenne pepper, and quench it in the very same bite with sour lime – these almonds are fire!   227g (0.5lbs)
Salt and Lime Pumpkin Seeds
Salt and Lime Pumpkin Seeds $11.99
Savour simple delight with a handful of our salt and lime pumpkin seeds.  With just a slight dash of salt and lime, these pumpkin seeds are just the right treat for just about any occasion!   227g (0.5lbs)

100% Plant based


Canadian made

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