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Pecan Spread

Enjoy the warm and comforting taste of pecan pie without having to wait for Autumn or a special occasion.

Made only with two ingredients - pecans and dates, this mouthwatering spread can make for a guilt-free dessert.

Enjoy it by the spoon for a post-lunch snack or work it into a cookie recipe and watch your guests light up in delight!  


Pecans, Organic date powder

240g (0.53lbs)

Size: 240 Grams

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Johnathan Godbout
Yoooooooo this stuff is amazing

sooOoOOOooOooO GOOD. This spread is definitely more of a sweet tooth satisfier so to speak. I didn’t realize it was sweetened with dates until I tried it and proceeded to look at the jar’s ingredients to figure out why the hell it was so tasty… Delicious on toasts for breakfast.

Marie-eve Poirier
Really good

A bit too much dattes but still very good

Awesome spread!

Very tasty pecan spread. Just a little bit more liquid than expected, but I recommand it and I will order more. It taste like pecan pie!

Delicious !

I have tried both their Pecan spread and Acai spread so far. I must say the Pecan flavour is definitely our family favourite. The spread is a bit runny but it still spreadable on the toast. We have also tried adding it to our morning oatmeal breakfast. It’s good.

Melanie Thomas
Pecan perfection

This pecan spread is so versatile! The first thing we spread it on was a coconut wrap. Then as a dipping sauce for veggie stuffed rice wrappers. We have so many ideas! On ice cream? With coconut butter as icing? Straight off the spoon? What will we try next?