Pecan Spread



240 Grams 480 Grams

Pecan Spread



240 Grams 480 Grams
Product description

Enjoy the warm and comforting taste of pecan pie without having to wait for Autumn or a special occasion.

Made only with two ingredients - pecans and dates, this mouthwatering spread can make for a guilt-free dessert.

Enjoy it by the spoon for a post-lunch snack or work it into a cookie recipe and watch your guests light up in delight!  


Pecans, Organic date powder

240g (0.53lbs)

Customer Reviews

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Pecan pie in a jar

Delicious, like spreading pecan pie filling on your morning toast. Very tasty, not too sweet, runny consistency (more like a sauce then a spread)

Carol Ann Brayley
best nut spread I've ever had. SO good!

I started my NutJar experience with a gift set that had 10 flavours. I am so did as the ones I ended up loving the most were not the ones I initially expected to.

This one I think may be my top choice though some days I would say it's cashew acai or one of the hazelnut ones.

The pecan is nutty with a little pop of sweet. It's quite runny but I have come to love that about it as well - I drizzle it onto my oatmeal and toss a few cranberries in, or have it on toast with cinnamon or cardamom infused honey. Totally amazing and I feel good that it has health fats and the sweetness comes from date powder rather than sugar cane.

Rosa Maria Montes

So 😋 yummmm

So good!

This is sooooooo yummy :) I love to drizzle it over apples and bananas, or mix it in my oatmeal. This is one of my favourites of the nut butters. Sometimes I just eat a spoonful of it for a snack :)

Healthier and delicious

It tastes delicious on toast…sometimes I drizzle it on top of apples. It’s on the sweeter side but still healthier.

100% Plant based


Canadian made

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