Variety Protein Pack


Variety Protein Pack

Product description

Can't decide? Get them all and try them first! 


Each box contains: 

2 Pistachio Butter Protein Packs 

2 Macadamia Coconut Protein Packs 

2 Pecan Coconut Protein Packs 

2 Hazelnut Chocolate Protein Packs 


8 Packs (28g / 1oz each) per box

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Elda D’Andrea
Variety Pack

I like the variety so we can try all the flavours!

Donna Davis
Variety protien pack

It’s a gift for 3 of my daughters . What a great way to taste all the nut butters and each person gets a type they like and a new flavour to try


Love the flavors. Have used on toast and to make a sauce.

Shandy Rogozinsky
On the go packs

Thank you for making on the go packs. When I wrote your company requesting on the go packs, I was hoping you would keep it the one ingredient as your nut butters are. The added maltodextrin was disappointing to see as it causes gastrointestinal distress. I really,
Really hope you expand the on the go packs to all the nut butters you offer and keep it just as the nut butters are with the single ingredient. They are all very great. Looking forward to hopefully seeing more variety like the pistachios packet you made with the single ingredient. 😊🐾

Valerie Holst
I give it a five star

It’s nice to receive a variety pack because this way you can try each one. Because if you were to buy a jar and you didn’t like it then it was a waste. So Variety pack is nice.

100% Plant based


Canadian made

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