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Maple Pecans

Warm your heart with a Canadian classic. Our pecans are candied in pure maple syrup, with just a hint of salt, and no additional sugar.

Enjoy all of the sweetness with a little less guilt!

227g (0.5lbs)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lisa Vatcher

They are so good its hard not to eat the whole bag. Best pecans I've eaten. Great flavor!

Omg these are delish!

Highly recommend—you will enjoy!

Peggy Matchim

Way beyond my expectations. So fresh and so amazingly nutty and delicious, without being overly sweet. I just love them!

Andrea Jones
Maple pecans

Extremely yummy, I love them - it was worth the wait to try them out!

Quynh Mi
My new favorite treat

The quality of these Maple Pecans is unreal. I found myself eating much of the package in one sitting! I also bought Cashew Acai, Pistachio, Pecan, and Hazelnut Cacao Nut Butters, and was impressed by all, with the Pecan being my very favorite. But ... I hesitate to order from Nutjar again because of the courier company they had used, ICS. I live in Yaletown, with Buzzer# and phone number available on the order. We both work from home and were home when the courier supposedly stopped by, plus our building has Parcel Pending lockers that couriers use to securely deliver to those who are not home. But instead, ICS left a sticky on my mailbox to pick up the package at Phantom Couriers, which is not in my neighborhood. This is not what I expect when paying for delivery. I love the product enough to maybe try again in the new year and see if Nutjar might be using a different courier company, but if this happens again, not worth the hassle. I had also ordered a Holiday Gift Box as a business gift, sent to an office. I hope they didn't have the same hassle in obtaining the package as I did. So, 5 out of 5 for the products, and 0 out of 5 for the delivery service they are using.