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Special Edition Pistachio Butter
Special Edition Pistachio Butter $34.99
 The One. So smooth, so green! This is as good as it gets in the world of pistachios. The taste is simply out of this world.   Made using the rarest of pistachios that we scoured the Earth to find. Additionally, we further innovated our production method to preserve the green colour and great taste without adding any extra ingredients. Our regular pistachio butter is amazing - but our special edition pistachio butter is the very pinnacle of pistachio quality.   This product is difficult to produce and is not regularly stocked. Ingredients:  100% Dry roasted Pistachio nuts. 240g (0.53lbs)
Pistachio Spread
Pistachio Spread $27.99
What happens when you take our beloved pistachio butter out for a date? Our pistachio spread begins with the sultry flavour of pistachio butter, adding a sweet touch of dates to create a royal epicurean treat. Enjoy it on your morning muffin, dinner desserts, or simply by the spoon - but be careful as you’ll soon find that one spoonful never seems to be enough! Ingredients:  Pistachio nuts, Organic date powder. 240g (0.53lbs)
Medium Roast Macadamia Butter
Medium Roast Macadamia Butter $24.99
Introducing a new tribute to all macadamia lovers! Our roasted macadamia butter is toasted to your satisfaction and ground to perfection. Smooth as silk with almost a hint of caramel, this rich nut butter is ideal for dressing salads, drizzling on breakfast, and anything else that you can dream of! Ingredients:  Macadamia nuts. 240g (0.53lbs)
Chilli & Lime Pistachio Spread
Chilli & Lime Pistachio Spread $27.99
Need some zest in your life? Spice it up with our chilli lime pistachio spread! Enjoy the royal taste of pistachios, mixed with a dash of fiery cayenne pepper and a refreshing splash of lime. Whether you need to fire up your morning toast, or tantalise your taste buds with a rich and savoury topping for salads, this spread is sure to satisfy! Ingredients:  Pistachio nuts, Lime Juice Powder, Sea salt, Spices. 240g (0.53lbs)
Hazelnut Spread
Hazelnut Spread $19.99
Hazelnut lovers rejoice! Our hazelnut spread is a delightful concoction of hazelnut butter and sweet dates, with nothing else to distract your tastes. Spread it to sweeten your croissants, top it on your fruit bowls, or bake it into your biscuits - you will surely find no end to how this spread can be used to accentuate your every recipe! Ingredients:  Hazelnuts, Organic date powder. 240g (0.53lbs)
Pine Nut Butter
Pine Nut Butter $39.99
Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our premium Pine Nut Butter. Made from the rarest and most exclusive of ingredients, 100% pure pine nuts, this spread exudes decadence in every bite. The rich, nutty flavor will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.Its unique taste and velvety texture make it the perfect accompaniment to any meal, whether you're spreading it on toast, mixing it into sauces, or using it as a dip.Transform your culinary creations into culinary masterpieces with our luxurious Pine Nut Butter. Experience true indulgence with every jar. Ingredients:  100% Dry roasted Pine nuts. 240g (0.53lbs)
Almond Butter
Almond Butter $19.99
Experience the difference with our premium Almond Butter. This warm and buttery spread is so smooth, you'll think almonds flow straight from trees.  Our unique process of roasting and grinding creates a consistency that's unmatched. Whether you're spreading it on toast, mixing it into sauces, or drizzling it over desserts, our almond butter adds a delicious, nutty flavor to any recipe. You haven't truly tried almond butter until you've tried ours. Ingredients:  100% Dry roasted Almonds. 240g (0.53lbs)
Vanilla Macadamia Spread
Vanilla Macadamia Spread $24.99
Dive into the luxurious world of NutJar, where the creamy decadence of macadamia nuts meets the tropical allure of coconut and the exquisite essence of 100% pure ground Madagascar vanilla. This product is not made from a vanilla extract. Each jar is a symphony of rich, silky textures and captivating flavors, designed to elevate your taste experience. Imagine the velvety smoothness of this spread enhancing your morning toast, swirling into your smoothies, or drizzling decadently over your favorite desserts.   Free from artificial additives and crafted with all-natural ingredients, our Macadamia Coconut Vanilla Spread is a gourmet treat that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary indulgences. Let NutJar whisk you away to a paradise of flavor in every delightful spoonful. Ingredients:  Macadamia nuts, Organic Coconuts, Organic Dates, Pure Madagascar Vanilla. 240g (0.53lbs)
Coconut Butter
Coconut Butter $24.99
Discover the richness of our pure organic coconut butter, made from %100 organic coconuts.  With no additives or preservatives, ensuring you enjoy the pure tropical taste of nature.  Bake with it, Spread it, or Blend it into smoothies for a delicious, nutrient-packed treat - the perfect way to elevate your culinary creations with our pure essence of coconut.   Ingredients:  100% Organic Coconut 480g (1.05lbs)

100% Plant based


Canadian made

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