Medium Roast Macadamia Butter


Medium Roast Macadamia Butter

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Introducing a new tribute to all macadamia lovers! Our roasted macadamia butter is toasted to your satisfaction and ground to perfection.

Smooth as silk with almost a hint of caramel, this rich nut butter is ideal for dressing salads, drizzling on breakfast, and anything else that you can dream of!


Macadamia nuts.

240g (0.53lbs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Matcha and Pumpkin Seed Butter

NO RATING as yet….I’ve opened and tried these two and LOVE them. I haven’t opened the Pecan or Macadamia yet. I’m a senior, alone…ordered all 4 to last awhile. I stay away from LECTINS and your other butters are ‘loaded’, as is Cashew, in the Matcha, but I took a chance.

Thin like water. Do not buy it.

I just received my order and I'm glad I noticed that something was wrong with the Macadamia butter before I opened the jar. Its consistency is not as should be, runny like a liquid, like water. This may be a bad batch but the company should inspect the jars content's consistency before packing them nonetheless. Requested a return.

Rich and creamy Medium Roast Macadamia nut butter-YUM!

Not only is this medium roasted macadamia nut butter rich and creamy but is a very healthy substitute from the usual adulterated stuff at the supermarkets. All of Nut Jars products are tasty and high quality. A staple in my house for sure!

Michael Pilgrim
Too thin to be called a butter.

To thin. Too runny to be considered a butter. Even after thoroughly stirred and refrigerated it is too thin and not spreadable. Sorry, I have tried a lot of macadamia nut butters, this by one in just too thin.

Gillian Herlinger
Delicious but runny

This is one of the most incredible things I have ever tasted. But it is very runny. I bought it specifically for ice cream, so it is perfect, but if you are looking for something of a peanut butter like consistency to spread on toast, this is not it.

Jay S
#1 Nut Butter

NutJar makes the best Macadamia Butter on the market. Medium Roast or salted, you can't go wrong. Both amazing 5 Star

100% Plant based


Canadian made

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