Pistachio Butter

Product description

Experience the incredibly sweet and savoury sensation of pistachios in a wonderful way that satisfies your soul.

Made entirely from pure pistachios with just a dash of salt, you get the luxurious taste of this supernut once reserved for royalty.

Top over vanilla ice cream, sliced bananas, or use it to thicken your cake frosting and pasta sauces.

But let’s be real, it's a flavour so mouth-watering you’ll probably devour this in one go!


Pistachio nuts, Sea salt.

240g (0.53lbs)

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Jean François Cote

Best taste!!!!

Janine Ali

Really good, all natural product.

Hazel Wilkinson
Pure Pistachio Nut Butter

Amazing taste. Quick delivery- jar arrived in 2 days.

Frankie Torrelavega
Will Encourage You To Eat Healthy

Pistachio naturally pairs well with apples and pears. I spread this on a honeycrisp apple and immediately fell in love.
Alternatively, I mixed it with raw honey and it tastes so good. I think I'll finish this jar within a week.
Pistachio also naturally goes well with hazelnut chocolate spread.
The possibilities are just endless with this magical thing.

Excellent Customer Service, Great Product

First time nutjar customer here. I had high hopes for my pistachio butter after searching high and low for it. My first order came, and what I received tasted not great. My initial jar tasted over roasted and had a bit of a burnty/acidic after taste that was also very salty. I wasn't sure if that was the way it was supposed to taste or not. I was sorely disappointed, so I wrote nutjar immediately to inform them. Not only did they take my complaint seriously, and investigated, they also sent me a sample from a different patch to see if I still felt the same way about their product before taking additional steps to resolve my issue. The sample tasted very different. The correct amount of saltiness and roastiness. This is what I had hoped for when I ordered my pistachio butter. I am now very happy because I have a way to order good pistachio butter and am very impressed with their impeccable customer service. Consider me a fan of this butter and of this company!

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