Cashew Açai Spread


Cashew Açai Spread

Product description

Meet a bestie you can jumpstart your mornings with who’s also down to kick it with you Netflix-style at night.

An incredible blend of açai berries, cashews, coconut oil, and unrefined cane sugar, this spread is beautifully pink with zero artificial colouring.

The perfect pick-me-up for drizzling on your crepes, fruit bowls, or to energize your post-workout smoothies.

Slightly sweet and totally delightful, one spoonful of this
high-performance butter is never quite enough!



Cashews, Coconut oil, Organic cane sugar, Açaí berry powder.

240g (0.53lbs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Carol Ann Brayley
SO good!

I recently ordered a 10 jar combo set of NutJar after reading some reviews on Facebook and becoming obsessed.

So glad I did as this flavour was not one I expected much from but it is now in my top three favourites - so much so that I included it on a recent subscription order.

My son who was visiting at the time got excited to try teach of the 10 flavours. This one was the first I had opened and he was not enthused about trying it but then LOVED it - his girlfriend was here an immediately ordered a jar of it to send to her Mom. :)

I like to dip apple slices in it, add it to oatmeal and, to be honest, I very often just eat it right off a spoon, that's how good it is.

Frances Choo
Taste great

I really like a the cashew açai spread and it’s not very sweet at all .

Marie-eve Poirier

So good ! I have to order more than one ( or 3 ) at a Time to be sure to have enought

Ranya Salih
Couldn’t taste the cashews

The spread is ok… but I was hoping to taste the cashews instead of the açai powder only.

Lisa Vatcher
Cashew Acai Spread

It's so delicious! A little nutty and a little sweet. I love putting it in my yogurt with a little granola. It's my new favorite breakfast/snack.

100% Plant based


Canadian made

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